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Custom Hazard Communication / GHS Program

"Employers by law must provide information to employees on any hazardous chemicals known to be present in their facility. The information must be provided to all employees who either work with or could be exposed to hazardous chemicals." This qualifies for GHS compliance, and is part of OSHA's chemical safety requirement. COMPSOLVE will provide:
Chemical Audit: Detailed audit of all chemicals present in the work areas of the facility.

Custom Written Hazard Communication/GHS program: Chemical control plan customized manual detailing the facilities policies and procedures for handling chemicals.

Hazard Communication Training/GHS Training: Detailed training session with a thorough review of the entire regulation. SDS recognition. Labeling guidelines and how to handle chemical related accidents/ emergencies. Followed by a Question & Answer session.

Custom SDS Log Book: Complete log of all chemicals used in the facility based on the chemical audit.

Labels: Labeling of All Secondary Containers.

Training Log: Sign in sheet showing employee signatures and trainers qualifications along with a summary of what was covered in the training.